What sets Alef Math apart?

Alef Math is a comprehensive instructional solution, built on the Alef Platform, which is an award-winning digital learning platform that delivers personalized learning experiences.


The Alef Platform provides a personalized learning experience, allowing students to learn at their own pace—anytime and anywhere. Artificial Intelligence analyzes student performance in real-time, providing individualized instruction and giving students agency over their learning journey.


Alef Math uses research-based strategies to help students develop proficiency in mathematics through interactive content, using engaging learning techniques such as games and additional practice opportunities for below level learners.


The Alef Platform provides immediate feedback to both students and teachers. Interactivities within the lesson use hints and feedback to help students construct knowledge.


The Alef Platform provides one of the most advanced school monitoring and feedback systems – in real time. This data collection and analytics allows for monitoring progress at district, school, grade, class, and student levels.


Lessons and assessments are aligned to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and were designed and written by mathematics teachers with teachers in mind. Alef Math was created to provide high-quality instruction accessible and relevant to students of all backgrounds and abilities.


Alef Analytics uses real-time data and artificial intelligence to deliver individualized learning pathways and immediate feedback and intervention.


Which students are struggling and what do they need help with? Who is ready to move on to a greater challenge? Actionable data insights on student learning allow teachers and school leaders to effectively support students when and where they need it most.


After every student interaction in Alef Math, student mastery is analyzed and used to automate the process of differentiation. The Alef Recommendation Engine recognizes when students are struggling and analyzes student performance data to determine which pre-requisite skills are most important for students to review and practice. After completing these individualized practice sessions, students receive supplemental instruction so they are equipped to continue on their learning journey.

Using the Alef Platform in any School Setting

The Alef Platform Features:

  • Ready made lessons, games, and assessments that can be used in school, outside the school, or from home
  • Automatically generated performance reports for every single student that can be downloaded into a format of your choice
  • Class and student level reports that identify where a student is in their learning journey
  • Auto-grading of formative and summative assessments saves you time
  • Create class collaboration using the Teams tool for group work or assignments
  • Stars to keep learners motivated and engaged
  • Framework to check which student is struggling and who is on track
  • Live feedback on student progress